Novi dentist Dr. Steven J. Minns and his staff remain dedicated to offering patients only the most advanced dental technology available.

Whether our state-of-the-art equipment helps to make your experience in our office more comfortable — or allows our dentists and hygienists to perform their jobs more effectively — we always strive to provide patients with modern and more effective options for their dental care.

Gum Disease Perioscope

Novi Family Dentist

Dr. Minns knows that the many dental issues, such as gum (periodontal) disease, can be treated successfully if discovered in time. Perioscope technology was developed specifically for the treatment of periodontal disease. Also called an endoscope, this state-of-the-art tool allows Dr. Minns to explore and visualize the space under the gum of teeth with periodontitis. The perioscope captures an image of the diseased tooth's root surface that is transmitted to a monitor — allowing Dr. Minns to see the contents of the periodontal pocket so he can analyze the tooth’s root surface for disease, plaque and calculus.

The perioscope assists and guides the dentist while he cleans the root’s surface free of plaque and calculus – the treatment for gum disease. Using this technology, Dr. Minns can also identify other problems — such as cracks, perforations and other disease-causing flaws under the gums — that used to require surgery to detect.

Digital Impressions & iTero for Crowns

Are you tired of having dental impressions taken with that messy paste? Do you have a gag reflex that makes this process very difficult and unpleasant? If so, our office may have a solution for you.

Our office can now take digital impressions using iTero technology. This new technology allows your dentist to easily create highly accurate digital impressions of your teeth and gums, thereby eliminating the cumbersome tray and putty impressions traditionally used to make crowns and bridges.

This new and innovative technology allows Dr. Minns to capture exact data from patients using an iTero digital canner. Upon completion of the digital impression, the data is transmitted to labs for lab review and then transmitted to a milling center where the model is manufactured and shipped to an iTero lab.

In addition, crowns can be made faster and will fit better because of the precision and accuracy of the technology. You can even view this technique while it is in progress on your dentist’s computer monitor.  No messy paste and no reason to gag!

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